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October 7-30, 2016 

Altitudes and Elevations

by Gale Wallar
Opening Reception: Friday, October 7, 6 - 8:30 pm

 Time and space.  Flatlands to mountains.

 Gale Wallar’s landscapes and city scenes in this new exhibit offer perceptions and observations of natural and created environments as influenced by different altitudes and elevations. Perception may be reality but elements of compositions change with differences in elevation. Wallar adjusts her viewpoints to convey an objective appearance of what is necessarily a subjective reality.  Time and space are fundamental, yet subliminal components that influence these images.

In his novel ‘The Magic Mountain,’ set in Davos, Switzerland, Thomas Mann invented a character on a quest to examine time and space.  Hans Castorp discovered that being separated from ‘the flatland’ in his high altitude mountain retreat altered his perception of time and space. His planned three-week sojourn became a seven-year experience.

 Mountains have been a major focus of Wallar’s landscape paintings for several decades.  Parallel to this, she developed a passion for city scenes and depictions of structural elevations.  “Altitude and Elevations” blends themes from both. Time passes.  Space fills and empties.   Change occurs from the flatlands to the mountains.

Josef Albers observed that …’there is no final solution in form; thus form demands unending performance and invites constant reconsideration.’  Wallar offers new perceptions of mountains and cityscapes, as influenced by time and space, altitudes and elevations.

 Images: ‘Trail Above Davos’ and ‘Original Old Ebbitt Grill’

For more information, contact: Ksenia Grishkova, Director, email or call 202-347-2787

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