Artist Statement

My venturing into different media mirrors my nomadic life, crossing artistic as well as geographic borders.  Amidst this constant change and movement my focus has been constant:  to let the viewer understand and be part of the scene. My “quiet realism” captures the framework and structure of landscape, street scene, still life or a building detail, and tangibly connects the viewer to the subject.  Strong composition and nuanced colors directs the eye to take in the overall image and then shift to details and back again.


Working with a variety of materials and themes has allowed me the means to have a dialogue with a larger world. Colored pencil, pastel, acrylic, oil and printmaking techniques, sometimes alone and sometimes combined, have been explored in my portable studio.


A BFA degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, including an apprenticeship in New York City, and an MA in Art History from The George Washington University marked the beginning of my professional journey.  Then, almost three decades of living in Washington, D.C., Geneva and Bern, (Switzerland), Bonn and Frankfurt (Germany), Paris (France), Moscow (Russia) and Jakarta (Indonesia) had a huge affect on my visual vocabulary.


I have participated in solo and group shows in the U.S., France, Germany, Switzerland and Russia, resulting in work represented in collections in Europe and the U.S.  My work is influenced by my experience of being an “aesthetic wanderer” and a crosser of boundaries.

© Gale Wallar 2012